Mother’s Day Morning Help

The Ready Project® Food Storage does not just have to be used in an emergency. It is designed with any situation in mind. One situation that food storage would be ideal for is approaching quickly… Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day mornings are always interesting in every household. My older brothers, sister and I would wake up at the crack of dawn to mix up barely edible concoctions of food for our dear mother. After it was finished and we had presented our attempt of a breakfast to our mother, we’d head back into the kitchen with her close on our heels. Thank goodness she had patience because our kitchen was destroyed. Our short little arms spilled the contents of the pancake batter right out of the bowl onto the counter with flour scattered throughout the kitchen. Orange juice splattering cupboards and creating a sticky mess on the floor. Think of the break you’d give your hard working mother or wife if you already had a home cooked meal prepared and ready to go for that crazy morning. Eggs, Oatmeal and fresh Citrus Drink already made and ready to go in Lindon Farms Series Pack 1. Easy step by step directions on the back make it a simple no mess meal. It’s convenient and easy for your kids and husband to avoid those messy mornings and make her Mother’s Day special.


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